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Qtax Consult and Trust International limited is a diversified firm which delivers a wide range of cutting edge services tailored to your specific needs maintaining highest level of professionalism, keeping our clients at peace while we deal with their troubles.

We have a great track record with all services we render, assuring our clients of putting our vast experience to test while ensuring best quality.

Client satisfaction is our top priority; therefore we ensure that the interest of our client is at the fore at all times in order to guarantee a total satisfaction.

QtaxAPP on the go

QtaxAPP is Nigeria’s No. 1 Tax Research platform and an inestimable tax tool. It contents include over 1000 searchable Nigerian and International Tax Cases, it also contains all the tax laws, Circulars, Treaties and laws of the Federation. Its added features contains real-time tax news updates, tax videos on numerous topics, tax calculator, tax calendar, tax forum, tax chat, dictionary, bookmarking and automatic updates of all the contents.

It is a must have for all Tax Practitioners, Tax Consultants, Tax Administrators, Tax Accountants, Tax Lawyers, Chief Financial Officers, Tax Appeal Commissioners, Revenue Judges and Magistrates and all those interested in taxation. It is in fact a panacea to all your tax questions.

The Qtax research platform contains the following:

  1. Over 1000 decided cases on numerous subjects of Nigerian and International taxation. i.e Companies Income tax, Value Added Tax, Personal Income Tax, Hotelier and Restaurant Consumption tax, Sales tax, Permanent Establishment, Transfer Pricing, Tax treaties. e.t.c
  2. All the Federal and State tax laws and legislations. i.e Companies Income Tax Act, Personal Income Tax Act, Value Added Tax Act, Stamp Duties act. E.t.c
  3. Local and international tax news which helps in keeping abreast with the tax trends in Nigeria and all over the world.
  4. Educative videos on various subjects of taxation.
  5. Tax calculators for calculation of all sorts of taxes.
  6. Tax Forum and Tax Chat room.
  7. Tax Journals and Articles.
  8. It also contains robust features such as the automatic search, automatic updates and bookmarking.


  1. Opportunity of having a tax encyclopedia with local and international content with searchable index in order to enhance effective research and broaden tax understanding on topical issues.
  2. The tax cases are all summarized for easy understanding to grasp the in-depth of the facts that brought about the dispute, the issues that were raised and also what was held by the Court.
  3. The tax news is updated with real-time local and international news which keeps users abreast with tax trends all over the world.
  4. Tax calculators enhancing users and assists them in calculation of various types of taxes which will bring about quick estimation and computation of taxes.
  5. Tax forum and chat room enables users to interact with various professionals in the largest tax community which consists of CFO’s, Tax consultants, Tax accountants, Tax lawyers, Tax practitioners, Tax academics, Tax researchers, Tax managers to engage on various practical and theoretical current tax issues.
  6. The Tax video contains a repository of various educative videos on various subjects of taxation, which will enable users watch resourceful videos on various tax subject matters.

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  • Tola Ogunsami Tax Consultant

    QtaxAPP is the most resourceful tax tool which is a must have for any tax practitioner, it enables me carry out my duties more effectively. All the tax related information’s i need are on the Go for me. I also get to resolve my tax problems on the forum and chat with fellow colleagues when i run into difficult situations.

  • Gbenga Adetunji

    Qtax Real estate services is topnotch. I always wanted to purchase a plot of land at Abuja and Ibeju lekki area of Lagos, they purchased the properties for me and also managed them after i completed the buildings. Their services are top of the class and i would defiantly recommend.